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sharing design knowledge

Designboostenvisions a holistic approach as a condition for sustainable design. To fulfil this vision we believe in upgrading design competence and boosting competitiveness by knowledge sharing.
Our four inter-related platforms: BoostEvent, BoostMedia, BoostResource and BoostConcept can be further explored in our periodical table of design knowledge.

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Letar du nytt boende eller funderar du på att sälja ditt hus? Se då till att få koll på mäklararvode. Det är onödigt att betala för mycket.

DesignBoost Telefonplan

– Snapshots from DesignBoost Telefonplan 2011.

Design Beyond Design

– The official BoostMag for DesignBoost Telefonplan 2011

DesignBoost Telefonplan

– DesignBoost Telefonplan 2011

BoostReview No.1

brfrontThe first BoostReview is focusing on Design for Life. It´s not about the design world. It´s about how we can  shape and design our way of life.

BoostReview No.2

The second BoostReview  is focusing on Design beyond Design.

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