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Designboost envisions a holistic approach as a condition for sustainable design. To fulfil this vision we believe in upgrading design competence and boosting competitiveness by knowledge sharing. Our four inter-related platforms: BoostEvent, BoostMedia, BoostResource and BoostConcept can be further explored in our periodical table of design knowledge.

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Design Intelligence;FASHION

September 19 New York

Let's face it! We are on the wrong track. In a world of global competition, financial crises, environmental pressures, rampant consumerism and rapid technological advancement, the business of fashion is changing quickly. We must learn to adapt, change the rules and play a better game.

We need to take a holistic responsibility, think in creative paths and develop more sustainable business models for the fashion industry of the future.
It's time to bring forward an improved DESIGN INTELLIGENCE with better solutions based on the awareness of important ethical, social and environmental issues.

It's a joint effort. We can all make a difference by sharing design knowledge.

Design Intelligence;FASHION is a full day of creative and knowledge-sharing experience. Lectures and networking.

Design Intelligence;FASHION takes place at the Tishmann Auditorium at 66 W 12 street, New York.



Introduction by Designboost: What is Design Intelligence; FASHION.

Welcome speech by Joel Towers



Hazel Clark, Ulrica Berglund, Eric Stubin


Energizing break



Marcus Bergman, Otto von Busch, Sarah Scaturro


Lunch break



Sabine Seymour, Emy Blixt, Martina Arfwidson


Energizing break



Rebecca Earley, Isabel Encinias, Timo Rissanen



Design Intelligence;FASHION is free for everybody. There are limited seats. It is on first come first served.

Here is a description of the speakers.

Joel Towers, Executive Dean of Parsons the New School for Design

Joel Towers became dean of Parsons in 2009. He came to Parsons in 2004 as an associate professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design, to lead the division’s sustainability initiatives. In 2006, he became the inaugural director of the New School’s Tishman Environment and Design Center and an associate provost for Environmental Studies. Before joining The New School, he taught in Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. A practicing architect for the past two decades, he is a leader in the field of environmental research, drawing on disciplines ranging from design conceptualization to construction methodology to urban design. Joel received his Master of Architecture from Columbia University and his BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan.

Hazel Clark, Research Chair of Fashion at Parsons the New School for Design

Hazel Clark is Research Chair of Fashion at Parsons the New School for Design, New York, where she recently initiated the MA in Fashion Studies, and MA in Design Studies. She is a design historian and theorist with a specialist interest in fashion, textiles, and design and culture, identity and responsibility. Dr Clark has taught and undertaken research in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Her books include The Cheongsam (2000), the co-edited Old Clothes, New Looks: Second Hand Fashion (2005), The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, and Globalization (2009), Design Studies: A Reader (2009), and the forthcoming, co-authored, Fashion and Everyday Life: Britain and America, 1890-2010.

Ulrika Berglund - PhD Student, Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University

Ulrika Berglund is a PhD student at the Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University. Her thesis examines the development of the Swedish fashion industry in the years 1930 to 1960. Ulrika has ten years of experience as a strategic advisor and press contact for a variety of Swedish fashion brands. Her previous education includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics and fashions studies on a master level. In addition, she has a certificate in construction and design from the Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm.

Gudrun Sjödén, designer and founder, Gudrun Sjödén

Gudrun Sjöden makes colorful clothes and home textiles in natural materials with a Scandinavian design sensibility. Garments are designed to be functional and versatile and mixed and matched to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes. With a head office in Stockholm, Sweden, the company manages their own concept boutiques, catalogues and web shops to customers across the world. Known for their bright color and print combinations, with an artisinal craft appeal, Gudrun Sjöden produces timeless clothes with a long lifespan, and works with eco-jersey, minimized chemical use, chlorine-free paper and reduced packaging.

Eric Stubin, Chairman, Council for Textile Recycling

Eric Stubin, is the owner and CEO of America’s oldest recycler of post consumer textile waste, Trans-Americas Textile Recycling Inc. The company recycles some 140,000 units of apparel and footwear daily in its facility located 25 minutes from New York City.  Recently Mr. Stubin has taken on the role of chairing a national advocacy nonprofit organization, The Council for Textile Recycling.  The CTR’s mission is create more awareness about keeping what we wear - out of our landfills. The council will accomplish this goal through leveraging the combined resources of all stakeholders: brands, retailers, charities, government, recyclers, academics and consumers. This year with the addition of nationally prominent charities and one of the industry's largest apparel companies the CTR’s goal of zero post consumer textile waste by 2037 is becoming synonymous with intelligent design.

Marcus Bergman, head of sustainability, Gina Tricot

Marcus Bergman is newly appointed Head of Sustainability at Gina Tricot, the fastest growing fashion chain in Northern Europe. Right now, he is directing change in the supply of raw materials as well as working at a new communicative platform for the brand's sustainability efforts. This brings about a nomadic existence with a suitcase half filled with suits and half filled with khaki trousers. Marcus Bergman is a frequent lecturer on sustainability issues in the fashion industry and a passionate believer in the transformative power of poetic design. His design heroes are William Morris, the Swedish furniture designer Carl Malmsten, Ralph Lauren and Charles and Ray Eames.

Otto von Busch, assistant professor in integrated design, Parsons the New School for Design.

Dr. Otto von Busch is an artist and fashion designer, teaching Integrated Design at Parsons the New School for Design. In his work he explores how fashion can be acting as a form of civic engagement, building community capabilities through collaborative craft and social activism. As a visiting research fellow at London College of Fashion he has organized projects inquiring how garment repair can be a tool for mending the social fabric of communities, and how hoodies can be probes for critical explorations of local neighbourhoods.

Sarah Scaturro, Conservator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Costume Institute

Sarah Scaturro is the Head of the Conservation Laboratory at The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Formerly the Textile Conservator at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, she currently lectures in both FIT’s Fashion and Textile Studies MA program and Parsons Fashion Studies MA program. She has curated several exhibitions including Principals of Design: Pratt Fashion Alumni and Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion, both held at Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York City. Sarah’s research, writings and lectures bring to the forefront questions regarding the materiality of fashion.

Sabine Seymour, Director Fashionable Technology Lab, Parsons the New School for Design

Dr. Sabine Seymour focuses on fashionable technology and the intertwining of aesthetics and function in design and technology. She is the Chief Creative Officer of her company Moondial, which develops fashionable wearables and consults on fashionable technology to companies worldwide. Dr. Seymour is Assistant Professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons The New School for Design in New York and lectures worldwide at numerous institutions. She serves as a jury member and chair for many internationally renowned institutions and conferences. Her recent books ‘Fashionable Technology’ and ‘Functional Aesthetics’ have received excellent reviews.

Michael Bricker, chief innovator, People for Urban Progress.

Michael is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovator of People for Urban Progress, an Indianapolis-based non-profit and urban design do-tank. PUP is best know for salvaging and repurposing the RCA Dome roof fabric, the Superbowl XLVI fabric, and the Bush Stadium seats. Beyond PUP, Michael also works at a production designer in the film industry. His most recent credits include, The Bounceback, Computer Chess, and SXSW 2011 Grand Jury Prize Winner Natural Selection. Michael earned his Master in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught production design at the University of Texas Film Institute. He has also served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Wabash College.

Emy Blixt, designer and creative director, Swedish Hasbeens

Emy Blixt believes you can change the world if you combine a great product with a great message. ”It’s been done before and it can be done again”. Before Swedish Hasbeens, she was teaching Swedish as a second language. She started a fashion company, having no previous experiences from the industry. The challenge from the start has been to make Better Shoes For A Better Life, in organic materials with new fashion designs using traditional production methods from the 70’s.

Martina Arfwidson, owner and president, Face Stockholm

Martina Arfwidson was born in Stockholm in 1966. Raised as an only child, she was inspired by her mother’s passion and determination, learning from a very young age that she could do anything she put her mind to. In the fall of 1989, she joined her mother in opening the first Face Stockholm shop in New York on The Upper West Side. Today Face Stockholm is recognized internationally; together with her Mother, Martina has been the proud recipient of many business awards including The Economic Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year from the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers American Division. With an e-commerce website and stores in the USA, Sweden, Norway, Dubai and New Zealand, the brand has expanded to include an eyewear collection, amenities line and even a magazine.

Rebecca Earley, researcher, MISTRA Future Fashion

Rebecca Earley is Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC) and is an award-winning designer and researcher at TED (Textiles Environment Design), at the University of the Arts London. She is known for both her unique printed textiles and her design-led research into sustainable textile design strategies. Her research seeks to develop innovative design strategies to reduce the environmental impact of textile production, consumption and disposal. TED’s TEN helps individuals, small and medium enterprises, and large companies and corporations make more informed and innovative design decisions.

Isabel Encinias, consultant in creative direction, Urban Zen

Isabel Encinias has been designing jewelry  for the great jewelry houses of Europe for the past 15 years.  It was her experience as Design Director at John Hardy in Bali that brought her up close to the idea of sustainable design and preservation of culture. Directly following her experience in Bali, Encinias took on the Art Direction of JEM Jewelry Ethically Minded, a sustainable and ethical Paris-based jewelry house.  Since October 2010, she has been the Creative Director of the Haiti Artisan Project with Urban Zen, working to create sustainable livelihoods through the preservation of culture in the artisan sector of Haiti.

Timo Rissanen, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability, Parsons the New School for Design.

Timo Rissanen is the Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. He is a Finnish fashion designer, whose creative practice is grounded in inquiry through cutting. His research centres on fashion and sustainability, with particular focus on zero-waste fashion design. He sees fashion as integral to the everyday experience of living; creating a fashion system that enriches humanity is a task for us all.

Design Intelligence;FASHION also gather 100 specially invited key players from the international fashion industry and its environs; designers, corporations, organizations, students, educators, journalists, executives, directors, editors, stylists and many more. Workshops, networking, social activities and lunches, cocktails, dinner featuring organic food from local Swedish chefs and purveyors and a fashion party.

Among the participants:

Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Annika Rembe, Director-General, Swedish Institute

David E. Van Zandt,President of the New School

Joel Towers, Executive Dean of Parsons the New School for Design

Niklas Arnegren, director of cultural affairs and public programs, Consulate General of Sweden in New York

Eric Stubin, owner and CEO, Trans-Americas Textile Recycling Inc

Hazel Clark, research chair of fashion, Parsons the New School for Design

Sarah Scaturro, head of the Conservation Laboratory at The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dr. Sabine Seymour, assistant professor in Fashionable Technology, Parsons The New School for Design

Michael Bricker, chief innovator, People for urban progress

Isabel Encinias, Consultant in Creative Direction, Urban Zen

Timo Rissanen, assistant professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability, Parsons The New School for Design

Rebecca Earley, Researcher, MISTRA Future Fashion

Kay Politowicz, Researcher, MISTRA Future Fashion

Richard Prime, Svensk Form

Kristina Rennerstedt, cultural counselor, Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC

Karin von Hedenberg, Culture Ministry of Sweden

Stephen Burks, founder and designer, Readymade projects

Francesco Missoni, designer, Readymade projects

Marcus Bergman, head of sustainability, Gina Tricot

Jennifer Minniti, chair, fashion, Pratt Institute

Emy Blixt, creative director, designer and founder, Swedish Hasbeens

Martina Arfwidson, owner and president, Face Stockholm

Rachel Wilkie, design director, BLK DNM

Gudrun Sjödén, designer and founder, Gudrun Sjödén

Jacob Brown, journalist, New York Times

Caroline Payson, Director of Education, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

Sarah S Freeman, Public Education Manager, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

Natalia Altewai, designer, Altewaisaome

Randa Saome, designer, Altewaisaome

Jeroen van den Eijnde, teacher + researcher, ArtEZ institute of the arts

Kate Black, founder,

Jenny Grettve, founder Jenny Grettve

Maxjenny, creative designer, Maxjenny

Ida Sjöstedt, designer and creative director, Ida Sjöstedt

Anna Angseryd, founder and designer, Patouf

Jenny Angseryd, Patouf

Ulrika Berglund, PhD Student, Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University

Argot Murelius, NY Correspondent, Swedish Fashion Council

Yurika Dusart Nakazono, co-Founder and creative director, Terra New York

Otto von Busch, assistant professor in integrated design, Parsons the New School for Design

Sofia Hedström, investigating fashion journalist, Sofia Headstrong

Lars Andersson, designer, Lars Andersson

Maja Svensson, founder, Elsa and me

Johanna Björk, founder,

Ottil Säfwenberg, textile designer

Jonas Hallberg, chief creative officer/partner, Vitro

Andreas Fornell, architect, BozartFornell

Jaeuk Jung, experience designer & trend analyst

Fredrik Carlström, founder, C&CO

Tara St James, creative director, Study NY

Susannah Drake, founding principal, dlandstudio pllc

Ingrid Mida, collections coordinator, Ryerson University School of Fashion

swissmiss, founder, tattly + creativemornings

Despina Papadopoulous, founder, Studio 5050 & Principled Design

Anna Rabinowicz, founder and designer, RabLabs

Brian Guze, director - store design east, Starbucks coffee company

Carmen Artigas, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Consultant and Educator (Parsons and FIT)

Michael Bricker, chief innovator, People for urban progress

+Aziz, Senior Trend Analyst, FATHOM+HATCH

Roseanna Roberts, director of color trends, The Color Association of the United States

Kim Burgas, lead designer, PhotoShelter

Mikael Håkansson, CEO, Ugly Duckling

Hanna Belleus, PR manager, Bolon

John-Michael Ekeblad, chief creative officer, Daytime NYC

Peter Simonsson, creative director, The White Briefs

Monica Ekervik Hedman, PR manager, Gudrun Sjödén

Caroline Le Bongoat, strategic development officer, City of Malmö

Jenny Bergström, Project Manage, Swedish Institute

Karin Kärr, Project Manager, Swedish Institute

Nora Abousteit, Founder and CEO, Kollabora

Ellinor Stigle, fashion photographer

Daniel Oelker, SVP Communication & Branding, Hilding Anders International

Giana Pilar González, lead user experience architect, LBi New York

Teres Arvidsson, agent/brand consultant, Made by Scandinavians

Jennie Ma, fashion and beauty editor at The Knot

Halina Steiner, project manager/designer, dland studio

Helena Fredriksson, designer/owner, H Fredriksson

Tamara Albu, associate professor of Fashion at Parsons the New School for Design

Lucia Cuba, fashion designer and social researcher

Shan Liu, freelance media designer

Shannon Bell Price, assistant chairperson, Pratt Institute, School of Art & Design

Ninna Berger, textile artist, Restructional Clothing

Anna Blom, fashion journalist

Natalia Allen, president, Essentialist

Todd Nicewonger, Postdoctoral Fellow in Art and Design History and Theory, Parsons the New School for Design

Kioka Williams, artist researcher, Brooklyn Clothing Exchange

Tamara Leacock, owner and creative director, Recicla GEM

J.R. Campbell, professor and director, The Fashion School, College of the Arts, Kent State University

Sydia Davis, Fashion Design Student, Art Institute of New York

Lauren Peters, Part Time Faculty in Fashion Studies at Parsons and Founding Editor of Fashion Studies Journal

Kimberly Jenkins, Student MA Fashion Studies Program 13' at Parsons the New School for Design

Lauren Gomez, Student MA Fashion Studies Program 14' at Parsons the New School for Design

Alessandro Esculapio, Student MA Fashion Studies Program 14' at Parsons the New School for Design

Eileen Moran, Founder of Origin 23

Margarita Benitez, assistant professor, fashion design, College of the Arts, Kent State University

Noél Palomo-Lovinski, associate professor, fashion design, College of the Arts, Kent State University

Kim Young, interim director of NYC Studio

Pascale Gatzen, associate professor of integrated design - Parsons the New School for Design

Melinda Wax, Director Adult Programs, SPACE, Parsons

Cara McCarty, Curatorial Director, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

Malin Landaeus, owner and founder, Malin Landaeus; Select Vintage Collections

Nova Landaeus, co-owner, Malin Landaeus; Select Vintage Collections

Julia Poteat

Lanii Johnsson

Chris Rivera

Omotara Labinjo

Gabriela Sianez

Varsha Agrawal

Michael Yee

Nicole James

Selysette Sanchez



Design Intelligence;FASHION is a collaboration between the Swedish Institute and Designboost. With support by Parsons The New School for Design, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Fashion Center, The Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC, the Consulate General of Sweden in New York, Svensk Form, Swedish Trade Council, and fashion brands, organizations and individuals from Sweden and the US.

Catering by FIKA.


More Boost

DESIGN FUSION at Interieur

Vlaanderen Design Summit 2012 October 22-23 Kortrijk

Design can be a tool for groundbreaking change, for the visualisation of business strategies and the improvement and refinement of our lives and the world at large. But our world and our society are changing rapidly, which also means a changing role for design and the designer. We need to take a holistic responsibility, think in creative paths and develop a more sustainable design intelligence.

The aim of Design Fusion is to increase the value of design and implement it as a critical resource to transform Flanders into a creative, competitive, polyvalent and human economy that creates a sustainable wealth, employment and society in the context of international challenges.

It’s a joint effort. We can all make a difference by sharing design knowledge.

Even a long journey starts with a first step. Come on and network and boost with your own knowledge as well!




Peer Eriksson and David Carlson


Session One

Ineke Hans

Koen Verhaert

James Irvine

Arik Levy


Energizing break


Session Two

Max Fraser

Annita Beysen

Stephen Burks


Energizing break


Session three

Jaime Hayon

Dirk Wynants

Marcus Fairs



Peer Eriksson and David Carlson



Jaime Hayon – designer (ES),

Ineke Hans – designer (NL),

James Irvine –  designer(UK),

Stephen Burks –  sustainable desig entrepreneur(US)

Annita Beysen – managing partner at u-sentric (BE),

Marcus Fairs – Dezeen editor-in-chief (UK),

Max Fraser – deputy director Londen Design Festival (UK),

Koen Verhaert – founder of Verhaert (BE),

Dirk Wynants
– Extremis (BE),

Arik Levy– artist (FR),

The event is free but you have to register online by at the following URL:

Design Platform Flanders, a collaboration of Design Vlaanderen, Flanders InShape, Flanders Fashion Institute, Designregio Kortrijk and Design Hub Limburg, seeks to outline a strategic policy for Flemish design and to promote this in Flanders and abroad. The initiative is part of the Flanders in Action programme (VIA) and receives support from the Flemish ministers of economy (Enterprise Agency), innovation and culture.






brfrontThe first BoostReview is focusing on Design for Life. It´s not about the design world. It´s about how we can shape and design our way of life.

The second BoostReview is focusing on Design beyond Design.

The third BoostReview goes deeper into Design Beyond Design.

The fourth BoostReview is focusing on Design Intelligence.

Designboost; New York
14-15 June 2011.

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